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Cabernet Sauvignon Estate

Cabernet Sauvignon Estate
33 lei
Fără TVA: 33 lei

Big game don’t demand respect, they deserve it. Every drop contains: Lake Balaton, rubies, sunshine, and some cello music. Does the clink of two glasses sound infinite to you too?

Clear, light purple colour with black touches. Clean, medium-intense aroma slightly reluctant and stuffy after opening, but develops nicely. Spices steadily emerge: black pepper, smoked meat and leather, a little animalistic. Ripe aroma with chocolate and black cherry. A dry wine on the palate, notes promised in the nose come through in the intense taste. Medium acidity, nice medium tannins, great body and fine spices. Moderately alcoholic and long finish. The sip ends with ripe, fleshy black cherries and blackberries, where the sophisticated use of the barrel comes through, the pleasant bitterness of black chocolate.

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