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Barbár 2016

Barbár 2016
159 lei
Fără TVA: 159 lei

Barbár – the Barbarian – is the flagship wine of our winery. It showcases all the virtues we expect from a great wine: finer shades and exciting aromas waiting to be explored, lots of fruit, depth, character and terroir expression adding up to a balanced whole.

The name and the story behind it expresses the soul and character of Zoltán Heimann. Barbár was inspired by the great Hungarian composer Béla Bartók. As a response to the critics who dismissed Bartók’s music as barbaric the composer wrote a piece with the title Allegro Barbaro. This mould-breaking, eclectic piano work shows some common traits with our Barbár: while it is undeniably powerful and highly expressive, it is also elegant, varied and magnetic.

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